Color Combo Meal Cards

Color Combo Meal Cards

Meal plan in minutes using simple Color Combo Meal Cards with portion control container counts. 

No more stressing about finding meals to fit your containers. 

Quickly & easily create meal plans.

See How Color Combo Meal Cards Make Meal Planning Quick & Easy

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Years of Meal Planning & Nutrition Plan Success

I created the Color Combo Meal Card system to help me quickly meal plan each week and actually look forward to what is on the menu.

I've been meal planning for over 16 years. I've also been doing Beachbody programs for more than 9 years. I've completed over 10+ programs (some multiple times). I know from experience that following the nutrition plan makes all the difference in getting the results you desire. 

In order to stick with a meal plan you've got to actually want to eat what you put on the menu.  

Unfortunately, creating meals by container just isn't appealing to me. I like to plan by recipe. Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps sounds much more appealing than turkey, bell pepper, lettuce, salsa, cheese.

That's why I created the Color Combo Meal Cards to help me quickly plan my meals and plug them into my meal plan template.

Nutrition Made Simple

Plan your meals and write your grocery list in just minutes. 

On the back of each card is the list of ingredients you need for each recipe. 

This is designed to help you save time when you sit down to meal plan. 

Instead of looking up the recipe to find out what ingredients you need, simply pull the cards you plan to use and flip them over to create your grocery list. It's a system I've been using for years and it works well.  


Color Combo Meal Cards Front & Back

Add in some variety.  

The Color Combo Meal Cards for Main Courses (red, yellow, green) are outlined in different colors. Each color represents a different protein category.  

  • Green = Vegetarian  
  • Yellow= Poultry (chicken, turkey)  
  • Red = Beef  
  • Blue = Seafood  
  • Pink = Pork  

In order to help you add variety to your diet select a main dish recipe from a different protein category for each night of the week.  

"I loved the meal planning. I am terrible about planning meals myself. I'm a recipe person and have a hard time just putting things together on a whim so this was helpful. It made it easier to make actual meals." 

- Brandy

"Before I was struggling to come up with meal ideas. It gave me ideas that I hadn't thought about, and I like that the meal cards make it easy to choose a meal rather than trying to choose the ingredients separately." 

- Sharee